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The need for English translation

          The development of the world, globalization with the diversity of cultures, then languages is that connection, creating essential conditions for everyone to take part in economic, political, and social activities. It is English, which is used widely over the world. Therefore, the need for English translation is increasing.

English translation is means to help people who do not share the same language, they can understand, and create many opportunities for our development.

Currently, a large number of English translation centers or companies are opening, you need to consider and choose the best quality and reputation in the market. With many-year experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Notarized Translation 247 is definitely a reliable place that, satisfies you. Our company provides not only English translation, but also other languages translation, and meeting all the needs of customers.

       English translation
English translation

Difficulties when translating English by yourself

Today, nobody can deny the importance of English. English transactions have always played a core role and a modern means of information exchange, contributing to the success of communication.

However, It is hard for everyone to translate the contracts, and documents from English into Vietnamese effectively. The standard English translation is not only based on knowledge but also requires other skills.

Here are some difficulties in the English translation that many people often encounter:

  • Translators face difficulties in converting English to another language because they have not understood deeply the structure of English as well as the native language. This makes the translation confusing for the reader.
  • They do not have specialized knowledge about the translated content. This makes a barrier in conveying the message of the text. For example, although you have social knowledge, the translated content is related to technology. For sure, in the translation process, you can not understand some specialized words, affecting the quality of the translation and the original one.
  • Does not fully describe the depth of the content and misses the point of the original.
The standard English translation
The standard English translation

When do you need English translation services?

Born with the development of the economy – society, English translation services appeared to meet the increasing quality. Moreover, in today’s modern communication environment, this service is an indispensable factor. Whether you are an individual, an organization, or a large or small corporation, English translation is always an essential and extremely important need.

For example, you will need these services if you were a student, you would need English translation to learn documents or specialized books you wanted to read but you were not good at foreign languages. When you go to work, your business cooperates with foreign cooperation projects, customers’ emails, contracts, and large contractor projects… all need English translation. In particular, translation also acts as a bridge to help remove the barrier of language differences between countries.

When do you need English translation services?
When do you need English translation services?

What is a high-quality English translation?

There are 5 criteria to evaluate a quality translation:

  1. Translate literally with the original, using the most appropriate term:

The correct meaning with the original is the first condition, the accuracy of the meaning must be guaranteed to match the original.

Each different specialized document has different translation expertise. Therefore, depending on the field and type of document, you need to choose the appropriate term

  1. Good style, seamless, consistent translation

This is the most important factor to evaluate high-quality English translation. A translation with a good style, seamless content that makes readers understand easily, and the ability to express fluently and understandably are the strengths of Notarized Translation 247

  1. The translation format is the same as the original

Translation ensures the correct format to the original plays a very important role, needs accuracy and meticulousness

If only skimming or commenting objectively, the correct format is the first criterion to evaluate the quality of the translation No. 1. The translation is presented clearly, and the format is beautiful to help readers more understand.

  1. Translation ensures an appropriate regional and national culture

A good translation needs to ensure a fluent style, and flexible words, sentences, and paragraphs suitable to the local culture of the language of translation.

In addition, a good translation ensures that it is communicated to the reader with the correct style in the native language

  1. Guaranteed progress throughout the working process

Time is one of the needs that make translation services increase. Specifically, the need for immediate, fast, and urgent English translation to ensure the work progress. Therefore, for translators, on-time and high quality is always a requirement throughout the translation process.

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The most prestigious English translation companies in Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, there are thousands of translation companies appearing on the market, you need to be careful when choosing a translation unit in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Those must be reputable, quality companies to avoid “losing money”.

With many years of experience in translation, Notarized Translation 247 was established by a team of translators and interpreters with high dedication to the profession. Notarized Translation 247 is increasingly asserting its position and brand in the hearts of customers.

Coming to our company, you will be provided the most prestigious, accurate, and fast translation service, the best quality at an affordable price, absolute content confidentiality, and translation to the appointment date.

We especially, commit to our customers: free shipping, refund if wrong translation, and ready to serve 24/7 including holidays. So pick up the phone and contact us immediately to get all your problems answered as soon as possible.

English translation companies
English translation companies

English translation majors at Notarized Translation 247

  • English translate for advertising and marketing
  • English translate for economics and politics
  • English translate for legal
  • English translate for mechanical engineering
  • English translate/Audio/dubbed English
  • English translate for chemical
  • English translation for the automotive industry
  • English translation for medicine, medicine, pharmacy
  • EEnglish translate for construction, interior
  • English translate for Petroleum, nuclear energy
  • English translate for telecommunications, IT
  • English translate for Electronics and Refrigeration
English translation majors at Notarized Translation 247
English translation majors at Notarized Translation 247

Notarized English translation – get it right away

Notarized English translation:

  • Passport, ID card
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, doctor’s degree..
  • Bank books
  • Bank account book
  • Tax declarations, VAT invoices
  • Certificate of seal sample registration
  • Secondary and high school diplomas,..
  • All kinds of English certificates
  • Certificates, Certifications
  • Academic records of all levels, personal curriculum vitae
  • Student card
  • Driver’s license
  • All kinds of marriage certificates, birth certificates
  • Criminal records
  • Social insurance book, health insurance card
  • Red book
  • Residence book. Household book
  • Payroll, salary statement, Salary payment slip
  • Certificate of ownership of shares (Business registration)
  • Payment slip into the State budget
Notarized English translation
Notarized English translation

English Online translation

Notarized Translation 247 is a reputable professional translation office in Hanoi, providing online translation services for an instant, accurate, reasonable price.

Here, we provide translation services, notarized translation, study abroad consulting, visas, etc. You can send the original documents online with absolute confidence in the translation and interpreter office with many years of experience

Support service 247 even on holidays, we are ready to serve you anytime.

Our online translation services currently include:

  • The online English translation for law and medicine
  • The online English translation for economics
  • The online English translation for  IT/information technology
  • English translation online for  electrical engineering
  • The online English translation for  accounting and auditing
  • English translation online for  construction
Our online translation services
Our online translation services

Price list for English translation, Notarized English translation

Because of the popularity of the English in the world today, the fee for English translation and notarized translation of English is also cheaper than in other languages.

Price list for English translation

Original language

Translation language Standard price (VND)




Vietnamese English



English translation fee per page: 1 page ~ 300 words – the regulation of most translation companies. Fee for 1 A4  page

Normal English document translation: 45-50,000VND/page with the highest quality

A specialized materials fee will be higher by 10 -30% than normal materials

Gifts for customers: Customers who use big services like making bid documents; those who refer other customers, of them will have a reduced cost of more than 10-20% and many other promotional gifts.

How to calculate the English translation fee: According to the above calculation, you need to multiply the price by the number of pages= cost for your document.

Price list for notarized English translation


Notarized translation fee Private notary office Notarized translation fee of State Department of Justice

English – Vietnamese



Vietnamese – English 20.000Đ


Note: Customers need to submit documents to the Embassy of China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, … to apply for a yellow or purple stamp, it must be notarized by the Embassy to receive the application.

– Notarized price includes printing fee.

– 1 document number of pages about 10 pages

– In case the customer requests to do it urgently, get it on the same day: Notarization fee + 150,000 VND (urgent service fee). Usually, notarized translation service companies will send customers a translation price list with a list of notarization fees so that customers can estimate their own notarized translation costs.

Bảng giá dịch thuật

Why do you choose Notarized Translation 247?

  1. Many years of experience in TRANSLATION, and INTERPRETATION, We work with 100% enthusiasm with a team of professional, dedicated translators who can translate more than 60 different languages ​​in most specialties.
  2. Thanks to the quick and reasonable implementation process, along with the intelligent translation process, we have expanded our scope of activities throughout the provinces and cities at home and abroad. We maintain absolute document security and have a strict privacy policy
  3. We commit that the translation cost at Notarized Translation247 is the most competitive in the market with the best quality
  4. The English translation of the detailed quotation in the contract before conducting the transaction is the style of our working style. If there is anything contrary to the agreement, we are committed to refunding all costs to customers.
Why do you choose Notarized Translation 247?
Why do you choose Notarized Translation 247?

If you are learning about the area of document translation and the cost of its, please call our company at: 09712 999 86 for detailed answers and as soon as possible.

Notarized Translation 247 (Dịch thuật Công chứng 247) wishes and is pleased to serve you! Call: 09712.999.86


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  • Địa chỉ: SN 5 Ngách 3, Ngõ 120 Trần Bình, P. Mai dịch, Q. Cầu giấy, Hà Nội
  • Hotline: 097 12 999 86.
  • Email: dichthuatcongchung247@gmail.com.

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