High-quality English interpreting in Vietnam

In the era of integration into the global economy, the English interpretation  profession is becoming more and more popular than ever.

Many English interpretation companies appear to make communication, exchange and negotiation between individuals, organizations and countries become easy and flexible.

English interpreting service at Notarized Translation 247

With many years of experience in the field of translation along with a team of highly qualified and reputable translators, Notarized Translation 247 is confident to bring you the fastest and quality English translation services.

English interpreting service
English interpreting service

Types of English interpretation 

  • Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the process by which the speaker and the interpreter interpret at the same time. When interpreting at the same time, interpreters usually sit in a soundproof cabin with headphones and microphones to support for speaking. It often takes place at large and professional events, conferences, and seminars.

  • Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the process that an interpreter translates immediately after the speaker has finished speaking. The speaker will speak in paragraphs with pauses for the interpreter to translate. It is often used in speeches, business meetings, negotiations,…

  • Accompanying interpreting

Accompanying interpreting is when the interpreter walks beside the client, closely following the client to assist with the translation. Accompanying interpretation often takes place in conferences, bilateral negotiations during short or long business trips. The accompanying interpreter will have to have solid expertise, be flexible and know how to organize work.

  • Whispered interpreting

Silent interpretation is when silently translating at a low volume into the client’s ear, often used in meetings, contract negotiations, information exchange.

  • Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is a form of interpreting through online devices such as microsoft teams, google chat, zoom, skype, zalo, viber, etc. Due to the long geographical distance or urgent situations, this form is applied for interpreting. This form helps to save travel costs, but it is necessary to ensure a stable network connection and good audio-visual support devices to have the best translation quality.

The current fields of English interpretation

  • English interpretation in economic and political
  • English interpretation in culture – society
  • English interpretation in military
The current fields of English interpretation
The current fields of English interpretation

Specializations in English interpretation

Currently, Notarized Translation 247 is providing English interpreting services in many different specialties with the aim of bringing convenience to customers when using the service:

  • English Interpretation in oil, gas and energy industry
  • English Interpretation in education
  • English Interpretation in technical area
  • English Interpretation in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment
  • English Interpretation in electronics and telecommunications industry
  • English Interpretation in legal area
  • English Interpretation in construction industry
  • English Interpretation in real estate

We provide English interpreting services nationwide

With a large team of experienced and professional interpreters, Notarized Translation 247is ready to provide English translation services in all provinces and cities across the country to meet the needs of a large number of clients:

  • Ha Noi
  • Hai Phong
  • Quang Ninh
  • Hai Duong
  • Da Nang
  • Nghe An
  • Thanh Hoa
  • Binh Duong
  • Ho Chi Minh City
Dịch thuật công chứng 247 uy tín
Dịch thuật công chứng 247 uy tín

 English interpretation cost

The cost of English translation is usually not fixed since it depends on many factors. In terms of the first component, it is the interpreting time. Each interpreting project and event is required to be planned in a specific time so that the interpreter can understand and determine the cost of interpretation.

The target language when interpreting English is also an indispensable element to determine the translation price. If the target language to translate is a difficult and uncommon language, the price may be higher than the standard rate.

In addition, if the client requires highly specialized skills and knowledge from the interpreter, the cost will also be higher than the normal price because this requires the interpreter to have greater experience and high specialized knowledge. .

Please contact Notarized Translation 247 via hotline 097 12 999 86 for a free consultation and direct quote.

Why should you choose English interpretation services at Notarized Translation 247?

With a large team of English interpreters, having great experience in translation and mastering professional and cultural knowledge, Notarized Translation 247 is confident to bring customers the most accurate, fast and quality services.

In addition, the interpreters at Notarized Translation 247 are closely trained staff with  good soft skills and a serious and enthusiastic attitude at work that will not disappoint customers when using English interpreting services.

Notarized Translation 247 is committed to bring you accurate and quality translated content by a team of translators who have a deep understanding of professional knowledge of English as well as regional culture.

Notarized Translation 247 always brings the best translation quality along with the most competitive cost in the translation market. We always have various service packages to suit the needs of every customer.

International standard English interpreting process

The English interpreting process at Notarized Translation 247 includes 6 steps. First, after receiving the client’s request for an interpreter as well as basic information about the translation, Notarized Translation 247l will select an appropriate interpreter. In the next step, the interpreter will be sent related documents for careful study and preparation.

Then, a test session for the interpreter will be held for the client as well as Notarized Translation 247 to check the interpreter’s qualifications. Next, Notarized Translation 247 will ask for feedback from customers so that we can gain experience to improve the translation service for customers.

International standard English interpreting process
International standard English interpreting process

Request for a good English interpreter

The demand for English interpreters is increasing rapidly because English is a popular language in the world today. Therefore, English interpretation requires a lot of experience and expertise.

The job of an English interpreter requires that he or she be agile, flexible in improvising to handle unexpected situations, thoughtful and responsible at work. In addition, the interpreter must be able to express the language fluently, understandable, concise but full of content.

Understanding the culture of the target language is also an essential element for English interpreters.

Frequently asked questions about English interpretation

  1. What is English interpretation? What skills does an English interpreter need?

English translation is the process of translating words from the original language which is English into another target language orally.

English interpreters make communication become easy and flexible. An English interpreter needs to master professional knowledge of English, confidently communicate well, always update cultural and social knowledge, be knowledgeable about specialties and know how to manage time, arrange work well.

  1. What information do customers need to provide to get a quote for English interpreting services?

Customers need to provide the following basic information:

  • The specific time of the interpretation session
  • Location
  • Content of the translation session
  • Number of attendees
  • Client requests for interpreters
  • Other information (if any)

 What apps and software help interpret English?

  • Google translator
  • Itranslator application
  • Voicetra software
  • Translate me application
  • Voice Translate application

These applications and software are all free and it supports customers with simple requests such as when traveling, talking and communicating. However, for higher requirements such as interpreting conferences, seminars, and big events, customers should use the interpreting services of English translation companies.

If you have a need for high quality and reputable English translation, Notarized Translation 247 will be a great choice for you. Please contact hotline 097 12 999 86 for a free consultation and quote.

How to contact English interpretation?

Please contact zalo/ hotline 097 12 999 86 to receive enthusiastic advice from our experts completely free of charge.


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